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Our Programme Offerings

SmartMart Tutorial Academy provides an environment that offers a multi-sensory approach to learning. Children have an opportunity to practice important academic skills, social skills, life skills and self-directed problem solving skills in an environment filled with exciting hands-on experiences.

Afterschool Camp

Smart Mart Tutorial Academy’s Afterschool Camp prides itself in offering support to students in

  • Academic skill-building
  • Homework and remedial help
  • Social skill building
  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills building

Read Well Programme

Smart Mart Tutorial Academy’s Read Well Programme focuses on helping struggling readers develop skills in:

  • Phonics
  • Word recognition
  • Word attack/ decoding
  • Reading fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Reading speed

In addition to the above activities, our quality programmes also provide the children with:

  • ongoing relationships with caring adults
  • an environment that strengthens social skills and character
  • a safe and well-designed indoor space to work and play

We cater for children in grades k – 8 and offers activities during the gap between after school and home time.

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